For a while we have wanted to be able to connect to our brothers and sisters in Christ on a more regular basis; more than just on Sundays. Facebook and text messages are great ways to connect to individuals, but we have had trouble connecting as a group. The coronavirus pandemic has tried to isolate us completely, but we can do all things through Christ and the tools he’s given us, including sharing in worship and the Word of God.

For more than a month, we have been live-streaming services through an application called BlueJeans. Every week we have more people join, either by video or just with audio by calling in, and it has been such a blessing to connect with our brothers and sisters. Every week we share the link to this week’s meeting on Facebook, and send it out individually to folks who have requested it.

To help us connect more frequently, and not at the whim of Facebook, we have also decided to set up a Discord server! If you already know about Discord and have an account, you can join by clicking this invitation link.

In case you are not familiar with Discord, you can find directions on our brand new Join our Discord Server! page.

We also have a beginner walk-through of how to use Discord, and some of the social norms that you will need to know as you join the new digital conversation.

For those that are missing out on the chance to give your tithe, we also have an account with a company called Using this link you can send us your tithe, returning to God a portion of what he’s given you, and ensuring God can continue to bless you.

We are excited to find new ways to connect with you in Christ, and we love you.

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