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Let mutual love continue, do not neglect to show hospitality, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.

-- Hebrews 13:1-2 (NCV)

Lunches for October POSTED!

Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in General Updates |

The lunches for October have been added to the Calendar. There will be printouts available for everyone on Sunday, or you can download it for yourself here!

Here’s this week’s preview:

Date: Oct 6, 2013
Theme: Color time is fall time
Anita Corn bread
Belinda Chicken Soup (Mexican)
Benny Apple Crisp
Cody HotDogs / Crackers
Donnette Chips
Jerry Cider, Black bean soup
Tia Maria Diced Onions/Relish
Chencho Buns/Tortillas
Melissa Pumpkin pie
Dan/Annette Catsup/Mustard
Terri Chili-dog sauce


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Proclamation Explanation: Authority, week 2

Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in Sermons |

Every week we go through our Proclamation, but I spent the first three years of my time at the church not really thinking about what I was saying, or thinking about how it was formed, or where the statements came from. For the next several weeks I will be sharing what I learned when I dove into it, head first.

Here’s the video of week 2. If you’d like to follow along with my notes, you can see them all below the video. You can also download the file, print it out and keep it for yourself.

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Twenty-four hours of devotion to God

Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in Events |

September 7th, 2013 starting at 10am, and continuing until 10am on September 8th.

Imagine God, seated on the alter; his entire attention on you.

 It’s only you and God in the Holy of Holies. It’s your turn to express your love of God, in the only way we know how: worship.

The UpperRoom Ministries of Michigan will be hosting a day (24 hours) of complete devotion to God as Praise and Worship.

This will be a one-of-a-kind day. Our goal is to provide an avenue for direct worship from you to our beloved.

To this end, we are inviting anyone who would like to worship in peace and without the distraction of a performance to sign up for a time-slot. If you would like to sign up for half an hour or hour block of time, please email If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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Remembering Faith

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Sermons |

This week we had a reminder from Jerry Vasquez: Sometimes our reward for faith isn’t abundance. Sometimes it means just surviving.

“No matter what, as angry as we get, even though faith means all you get to do is survive we have to remember our faith. It’s always there.”

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Posted by on Aug 15, 2011 in Sermons |

Sermon: Evolve! from The Upper Room Ministries of Mi on Vimeo.

Worship: Hallelujah, Jesus is Alive, Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate, God of Wonders, It is You, Change my Heart oh God, Breathe

Sermon: Evolve!
Summary: All wisdom comes from God. As our wisdom grows as a species, our appreciation for the complexity of God’s design should grow, and we should accept what He shows us. Don’t be the bad partner in the relationship between you and God by denying the great secrets that He shows us.

Jerry Vasquez
Aug 14, 2011

Click below to watch the full video…

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