I remember growing up in the country; a little rural area surrounded by scenic farmlands and open country side. Sometimes the Wife and I still get the itch to drive the Red Roads; the state highways (red on the state map) surrounded by those familiar scenes that take us back to our childhood. On occasion, while exploring an unfamiliar place somewhere out in the country, we’ll come to a fork in the road; a place where we’re presented with a set of options and there’s no clear view of the outcome. Should you turn left or right? In the past, the choice was quite dire but now a day, what with the ubiquitous GPS, our once daunting decision of left or right can been deduced easily with keeping the ultimate goal in mind. The left or right question, however, is not too different from how we’re presented with the options in relation to our walk with God.

In Joshua 24:14 – 15 we’re taught two key points paramount to our walk. First, we are reminded that our relationship is not something into which we should enter with the intent to be partially dedicated, but that it should be entered in “truth”. Second, and just as importantly, we’re reminded our relationship is not anything pressured or forced, but is a conscious decision; a choice we make of our own accord, and follow as strongly or loosely as we so decide. What is “truth”, however?

If we remember John 14:6, then we recall Jesus telling us “[He] is the way, the truth and the life.” The truth is Jesus and his involvement in our lives; his characteristics reflected in our own person. And our involvement with him –our relationship with him—is not measured by someone else’s beliefs or actions, but a reflection of the conscious decision to prioritize that relationship. The time for “legitimate excuses” (Luke 14:15 – 24) has past. We’re facing the fork in the road in the middle of unfamiliar territory; unfamiliar territory easily decided by a look at our internal GPS; our holy guidance. Which way will we turn?


Scriptures used in this Sermon:

Joshua 24:14 – 15
John 10:1 – 10
Luke 14: 16 – 27
Deuteronomy 30:15
Acts 5:25 – 29
Mark 8:34 – 38

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