Services for April 12th. Apostles and Breakfast!

This week Jerry will be giving us his take on the Apostle's call, and we will be sharing a potluck lunch of breakfast foods immediately after services. Don't forget: April 24th is our Spring Fellowship meetings! Women will be meeting at the church at 7pm, and Men will...

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The Resurrection

This week's teaching was on Christ's Resurrection, and what it means for us. Watch or listen below, or subscribe to our iTunes podcast to have the audio of this sermon downloaded directly to your phone or computer! Verses used in this service: John 20 (Entire book)...

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Five Fold Ministry, week 2: The Apostle

Five Fold Ministry, week 2: The Apostle

This week we finish off our introduction to the Five Fold Ministry with a brief Pastor and the Teacher, and then we jump right into the in-depth look at the Apostle. Subscribe to the Podcast, listen here, or watch the video below!...

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5-Fold Ministry, Week 1: The introduction

5-Fold Ministry, Week 1: The introduction

This week Pastor Anita started our 11 week series on the 5-Fold Ministry. The video of the sermon can be found on Youtube now! This week she introduces us to what a Ministry is, and tells us about the Apostle, the Prophet,...

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